5 Reasons to Unite UpdateDownload: Free Your Choice by Yan Golding

Greetings in the Name of Love and Unity!

I’d like to share with you all an idea that can effectively generate abundant support and funding for ALL our benevolent projects.

Outrageous claim, right? And No, this is not a multi-level marketing scheme!

I must add, however, that it essentially depends on our willingness and our capacity to work together– and, inevitably, on whether you choose to make time to read this letter. It might help to allow yourself to believe that a single idea is catalysing a fundamental cultural shift and you are about to read it…

Let’s zoom out to a planetary perspective of current cultural patterns and connect the dots between three significant global realities:

  1. The vast majority of the human population are completely unaware of all the inspiring and empowering innovations and movements that are happening on the planet right now. This is not so much due to a lack of interest as the fact that all their worldly information or “news” comes from the corporate media system.
  2. Practically all these innovations and movements are struggling to find funding and mainstream exposure, and are invariably stifled or confined by bureaucracy and regulations. As the globalising corporate profit agenda gains power and influence over our legal and economic structures, non-conformist, natural and sustainable practices and lifestyles are basically becoming illegal.
  3. We are witnessing unprecedented levels of disenchantment and civil unrest within the general public. Mass demonstrations and political activism are escalating. The Internet is seething with viral videos about political corruption and corporate deception, the fraudulent Central Banking System, “The Truth of our Enslavement”, “The Lie We Live” and many more. Revolution is in the air, but revolution into what? Most people have no clear idea.

If you are reading this you probably have quite a few ideas of practical, local actions that could greatly enhance our collective welfare- not to mention that of our planetary home! Some of the first that pop into my mind are Permaculture, Transition Towns, Non-violent Communication, Direct Democracy, Sacred Economics, Community Exchange Systems, Zero Waste…

So the BIG question is how to rise above the noise of the mass media information monopoly and get these intelligent and evolutionary ideas into the mainstream?

A Whole-Systems Solution (“The idea”):

Through our World-Wide Web connection we join forces with all like-minded people, organisations and networks to create a planetary publicity campaign.

And by “like-minded” I mean All People who share the basic values and aspirations of Care for The Earth, Care for The People, Reverence for All Life and a Fair Share for All. 

This idea is rooted in maximum inclusivity so, aside from the above mentioned more “practical” movements, the intention is to widen our circle to equally include groups and organisations as diverse as: The Occupy Movement, The Shift Network, The Let’s Do It! Community, The International Peace-builders Alliance, The AVAAZ Community, Doulas and Authentic Midwives, The Yoga Community, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Waldorf Community, The Films for Action Movement, The Vipassana Meditation Community, Anonymous, The Mind Unleashed Community, The Thrive Movement, The Rastafarian Community, Activists of All Kinds- from Animal Rights to Anti-Fracking, and, perhaps most essentially, we welcome the Keepers of Our Ancient Wisdom and Earth Guardians, The Indigenous Tribes and Nations…

This list is just to give you an idea of the scope. There are literally hundreds of thousands of such groups world-wide, involving hundreds of millions of people– and we each carry a vital piece of The More Beautiful World puzzle.

There can be little doubt that the intentional unification of so many diverse people and groups will capture the attention and imagination of our entire species.

Thus, Our Consolidation becomes a Beacon for Cultural Re-education
And a Medium for Disseminating the most Practical & Relevant Information
About the Global Renaissance that awaits Our Entire Earthling population
When We Focus Our Solidarity into an Unprecedented, Inclusive Collaboration.

– From the poem, Free Your Choice

What is Our Common Intention?

To share the most exciting and relevant news with our entire Human Family: That we already have all the tools, knowledge, skills, resources, technology and living examples of how we can progressively and peacefully transition our cultural paradigms, priorities and practices into cooperation, non-violent conflict resolution, personal freedom, celebration, abundance for all and the joyous, creative restoration of our Pacha Mama.

Thus, as the verse above indicates, what begins as our planetary publicity campaign can rapidly evolve into a planetary information and education campaign. Fortunately we have also already trained hundreds of thousands of mentors, facilitators and educators (all imperfect- make no mistake) to help support and guide our Collective Global Transition.

All we need is wide-spread public support to make it so… And, as it happens, most people are dying for some intelligent and inspirational reform- even if they don’t know it yet.

We, The People, Have the Power to End poverty, hunger and starvation.
We Have the power to End war, torture and oppression.
We Have the Power to Reclaim our Political, Economic & Personal Sovereignty.
And We Have the Power to Restore our Mother Earth’s Natural Beauty.

Yes! We can choose a new global reality!

It’s in our very hands…

When we join them TOGETHER!

Personally, I do not believe our challenge is how to Change the World. I sense our greatest challenges are within. Like our personal capacity to embrace new paradigms and possibilities. To embrace Change. And perhaps most essentially, our Faith and our Maturity. Faith that We Can Do This! And Maturity to put aside ideological differences for the sake of our Collective Conscious Evolution… To Heal The Earth And All Her Children.

Once we have thoroughly celebrated our ground-breaking unification
We pool our intelligence and innovations in a global scale coordination.
For now face the monumental task of our cultural and ecological remediation.
Yet this work is no penny-scavenging obligation, but an act of love and cooperation.
Skilfully and creatively dismantling the defunct structures of domination
(While offering the designer suits delusions-of-grandeur-rehabilitation.)
Edible, water-retention landscapes in flourishing diversification
Urban-scale biogas-digesters and massive rural re-population.
Jointly crafting transition designs for local, community-based implementation.
In every neighbourhood and village The People decide for themselves
If, when and how they choose to engage in this conscious cultural transformation.

If you would like more information about this initiative you can read the attached poem called Free Your Choice. This poem pretty much sums up the entire vision.

I have chosen to call this initiative The Great Unification because this is the action it points to. Clearly, the name of this idea… or where it comes from… or whether it is worded exactly according to your taste, matters little. What matters is that you are hearing about it NOW!

Yes! In actuality this is more an Open-Invitation than an Open-Letter because Your participation and co-creation is crucial! You are possibly among the first people to hear about this initiative, therefore its dissemination and supreme manifestation depends largely on YOU. I am creating a spark, offering a basic framework for us to intentionally catalyse The Shift, but alone I can achieve little. YOU, on the other hand, can help ignite this spark into planetary wildfire of hope, co-creation and a historic collective metamorphosis.

Ways YOU Can Engage Right Now:

  • Echo The Call!! Forward this Open-Letter to all your friends, family, groups and networks. Talk about it. Bring it out of cyberspace into reality through real conversations- that feeds it a much greater power of actualisation.
  • If English is not your mother tongue you can help to translate this letter and/ or Free Your Choice, into your language. If you use facebook, you can join The Great Unification group to coordinate with other translators. (Eventually we may well convert the Facebook into a ready-made platform for networking The Great Unification!) If you don’t use fb send me an e-mail (see the poem) and I’ll connect you up.
  • Technical assistance is urgently needed for TheGreatUnification.org Website-Platform-Portal!! We’re unleashing the website March 21st, 2015!
  • Share your ideas and inspiration! Use your creativity to spread the word. It could be a video about this letter… A poster… An artwork… An event…

It is Time to Unleash the Power and the Beauty of All that We have in Common!

I look forward to hearing from you as this Global Transformation Celebration gains momentum!

In Love and Unity,

Yan Golding

Cultural Creative

Ecovillage & Permaculture Designer & Educator
Conceiver of The Great Unification

Skypename: UniteTheLight


There will come a day when people of all races, colors,
and creeds will put aside their differences.
They will come together in love, joining hands in unification,
to heal the Earth and all Her children.


– From the Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of The Whirling Rainbow