Dear friends and ecovillage enthusiasts,

The Global Ecovillage Network is currently looking for volunteer translators for the Youth-led Societal Innovation for Resilience project (ySI4R), an EU-funded project within the Erasmus + programme. The project aims at combining youth leadership and sustainability and is to facilitate active citizenship of young people in representative democracy providing opportunities for young people to exchange views with policy makers on sustainability-related issues.

Its innovative approach is in that it addresses youth workers specifically and thus has a multiplier effect on youth (at least 1000 youth workers within one year of its launch!); it is a completely free online course; intellectually stimulating and fun at the same time and it is to be translated into 7 different languages at least! For this, we need you! If you are fluent in any of the following languages: Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, German and want to contribute to making a difference in the world, please contact us at

Volunteer certificates are to be awarded!

Warmest regards,
the GEN Europe Team