The Vlierhof community continues persevering in its development process. After a period where there was extra focus on vision, mission and standards, we now resolutely go for the increasing life of it. Our vision is to create a world where every being lives in peace and consciousness. The experience of all those years Vlierhof teaches that non-violent communication is a great tool for this. We only improve the world when we start with ourselves. When we get back in touch with what we really need, self-compassion. And then equally compassion with the other, what it needs. Not acting from judgment, but from fulfillment of our mutual needs.

Together we can shape our own peaceful world in our own circle, whether it is Vlierhof, another community or a relationship/family. As Vlierhof we will be working intensively on this for the first week of January for 4 days. And we warmly invite other communities, couples and individuals. Together we will have 4 days to shape this ideal world, overcome obstacles in ourselves and to investigate and find solutions for each other. We want to spend half a day deepening through non-violent communication, the remainder we will use for related matters, relaxation and celebrating peace together.