Date(s) - 21/07/2019 - 27/07/2019
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Experience a week at the Comunita’ di Etica Vivente in Umbria:
Light your Fire!
7 days of individual and group co-creative experience exploring the life of the Community and the applied Teachings of Psychosynthesis and Living Ethics.
From Sunday 21st 16.30 to Saturday 27th 2pm
Why should you LIGHT YOUR FIRE ?
If you are passionate to discover your spark in a group, trough the maps of Psychosynthesis and Agni Yoga, designing a new map for your own ‘life project’ to be shared and implemented within the “Global Community”,
if you want to open your door to group consciousness and to the experience of Common Good, participate to community life, contributing and serving with your own talents…
… come and LIGHT YOUR FIRE!
The experience week will be facilitated by a team, built by 3 members, different in experience, skills and age:
Fiorenza Bortolotti, coordinator, architect and landscape/ permaculture designer, trainer in Psychosynthesis, CLE member since 1984, body/mind integration.
Riccardo De Amici, former youth member of CLE’s Urusvati education program, council member of ECOLISE and GEN-EUROPE, focuses on community led practices which allow for the integration of sustainable lifestyles.
Silvia, graphic designer and a great “creative mind” in our group.
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