Date(s) - 18/02/2021
19:30 - 21:30


Op donderdagavond 18 februari draaien we weer een film over ecodorpen. Dit keer is het de film We The Uncivilised.

Deze film is uitgekomen in 2017 en bevat bijdragen van aardig wat prominenten, zoals Satis Kumar, Polly Higgins, Patrick Whitefield en velen meer.


Hier de Engelse beschrijving:

Disillusioned by a story of consumption and alienation, a newly married couple are called to action. Carrying with them their unborn child, they embark on a year-long journey around the UK in search of the seeds of a different story, and with it hope for the future.

We join Pete and Lily on an intimate and life-changing journey as they confront the stark reality of our times, and discover a hidden culture of connection and belonging.

A Life Story tells a tale of both deep grief and inspired hope, unearthing the structures that perpetuate ecological destruction, whilst providing a soulful exploration of our humanity and our yearning to live in relationship to one another and the natural world.

The film features conversations with grassroots activists and leading figures of the UK ecological movement, including:  Satish Kumar (editor ‘The Ecologist’), Polly Higgins (ecocide lawyer), Bruce Parry (explorer and filmmaker), Martin Shaw (School of Myth), Jewels Wingfield (ecofeminist), Mac Macartney (Embercombe), Simon Fairlie (editor ‘The Land’), Peter Owen Jones (clergyman and presenter), Glennie Kindred (author and artist), and the late Patrick Whitefield (permaculturist).

A stunning and sensitive journey into
ecology, humanity and spirituality.”
The Cube Cinema, Bristol

Moving… Tragic… Inspiring.
Bruce Parry, Film Maker

Once in a while a film comes along that has profound impact –
this is a delicious taste of what can be.”
Polly Higgins

For everyone out there who feels the waves of change – go and see this film.”
Veronique Cabois, Editor Tawai