Dear friends,

We’re excited to invite you to the European Ecovillage Conference 2019 – this year hosted by La Comune di Bagnaia in beautiful Tuscany, Italy.

Established in 1979, La Comune di Bagnaia’s core intentions are to live self-sufficiently, practice ecological care, and support positive societal transformations through peacework and social justice. Inspired by these values, the conference theme for 2019 will be “Ecovillages in the world, the world in ecovillages: peace, ecology and social justice.”

Our 2019 gathering will place attention upon practical participation, action and solidarity, so we may stand together strengthened by our unity and diversity, to address the great challenges of our time. Find out more about this year’s event on the conference website.

Get involved
The call for workshops is now live as well – find it here – so start thinking about what you and your network would like to offer and showcase at this year’s event.

Spread the word
The conference is enriched through the diverse participation of new and old ecovillagers, and a wide audience from beyond our networks. Please do help us reach out to individuals and collectives who would feel inspired by this year’s theme!

Important ticketing information for your network
As we have communicated previously by email, this year we are introducing a small contribution of €50 for delegates, in response to our need to balance accessibility and financial sustainability at the conference. This contribution will apply to the same number of delegate places as always: 5 places per national network, 3 per ecovillage, and 1 per aspiring member.

For those not eligible for delegate tickets, this year we are experimenting with a tiered ticketing model, which has allowed us to develop lower price tickets for most participants. This means that for participants to access the cheapest tickets, they should book early – as soon as the quota of lowest-price tickets has sold out, another set will be released at a somewhat higher price, and so on. This  means it is important to encourage your networks to book early to get the best price! We are also offering discounts to under-25s to encourage youth participation.

We’ll be in touch again soon, and look forward to seeing you all in La Comune di Bagnaia.

Warm regards,

Tom (Events Manager) and the whole GEN Europe team